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Mysterium 2014: News Update

As the various members of the cavern community are likely aware, Mysterium 2014 is currently underway in Spokane, Washington. This includes a visit by attendees to Cyan's headquarters, along with a scheduled rare appearence of both Rand and Robyn Miller to this year's conference.

For those unable to attend, a live stream has been set up so interested explorers can follow along.
That, along with a live chat (you'll need to sign up for a free account to participate), can be found at the conventions page.

We here at the Guild of Messengers will keep you informed as the weekend's events continue to unfold.

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All Guilds Meeting: Special Session

Hiya, my fellow explorers...

Just a quick reminder that the normally scheduled All Guilds Meeting has been postponed. Although usually held the first Saturday of each month, this conflicts with the annual Mysterium convention being held in Spokane, WA the same weekend.

As several noteworthy events are planned for participants there, the raindate was chosen to await and later report new and exciting informational tidbits which may develop during the convention.

The AGM will now be held on Saturday, the 9th of August, 2014, at 13:00 KI-time (19:00GMT) in the Kirel auditorium. 

Doobes and the GoMe team are looking forward to seeing you there!

Shorah b'shemtee!!!

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Agosto 9, 2014 - 13:00
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Creators of Myst and Doom Interviewed

In a recent interview of Rand Miller and John Romero, the creators of Myst and Doom respectively, at the NYU Game Center, both of the legendary video game developers shared, among other things, their points of view on the other's game.

Doom and Myst were both originally released in 1993, and both were highly acclaimed, albeit for drastically different reasons. While Myst became synonymous with the graphical adventure game genre, Doom defined the modern first-person shooter genre for many years. According to the interview, their respective creators both initially expressed a feeling of incredulity and anger when they became aware of the others' game. Read more

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RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition Out Now

Cyan Worlds, Inc. has released RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition, an update to the original version of RealMyst developed by Sunsoft and released by Ubisoft back in 2000.

Like its predecessor, it uses real-time 3D graphics as opposed to the rendered stills of the original game by Cyan.  In this case, Cyan utilized the popular Unity engine to enhance the visuals of the game.  Players can navigate the Ages by using either the traditional point and click method or using the mouse and keyboard to free roam.

At the moment, the game is only available on Steam and costs $17.99, although those that bought the original RealMyst will get a 33% discount, knocking the price down to about $11.99.

EDIT: The game is also available for Mac at Apple's App Store, also for $17.99.

Grab a copy today and see the Ages of Myst at their best yet!

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Cyan's Obduction Kickstarter Reaches Funding Goal!

EDIT: Obduction was succesfully funded! And Cyan reached their first stretch goal too.

With still 65 hours to go, Cyan's Kickstarter for their new game, Obduction hit its $1,100,000 funding goal! This means that unless people suddenly retract their pledges, the money will go to Cyan and Obduction can be made. It's not over yet, though; there's still time to reach the first stretch goal, which is to add Oculus Rift support and localization to the game, by raising the additional $190,000 required (for a grand total of $1,300,000).

Cyan has already released a celebration video, which you can watch here. Congratulations, Cyan!

For all those of you who have pledged through Kickstarter, remember that you will be debited only when the campaign reaches its deadline. Read more

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